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Project Journey.


Expressive Concrete Symphony

In the vibrant heart of Cremorne’s urban fabric, a symphony of materials and form, where the eloquent resonance of concrete, the enduring charm of bronze, and the vibrant interplay of chromatic pink glass come together in harmonious dialogue.



8 Storey Commercial Office Building, 6 levels of office space, Communal Rooftop Terrace, Basement B1 & B2, End of Trip Facilities, Ground Floor Retail Tenancy

Cremorne, Victoria 3121, Australia

Under Construction

12 Months

4500 m2

City of Yarra

Contrasting Harmonies: Altera

Pink glass serves as a vivacious canvas upon which the architectural poetry unfolds.

In the midst of Cremorne’s urban tapestry, a captivating architectural endeavour unfolds, a testament to the intrinsic power of expressive concrete and the art of juxtaposition. The envisioned building emerges as an embodiment of the ever-evolving dialogue between form and substance, where the poetry of deep concrete structures finds resonance in the delicate notes of bronze sculpted elements and the ethereal hues of chromatic pink glazing.


Adi Atic, Michael Artemenko

Principle Constructions

Edge Consulting Engineers

4D Studio

Project Progress.

A process of discovery.

Central to this project lies the considered use of expressive concrete, infusing the structure with an undeniable sense of presence and permanence. The profound language of deep concrete structure, articulated through meticulously crafted columns and beams, forms the very essence of this edifice, bestowing it with a visual and structural coherence that binds the entire composition.

Figr Altera Journey (1)
Engendering an impression of weight and gravity, these elements engage in an arresting dialogue with the encircling environment, reinforcing the building’s connection to its context. In a compelling juxtaposition, resplendent bronze sculpted elements grace the building’s facade, akin to luminescent sculptures adorning a grand ensemble. These precisely detailed embellishments bestow upon the structure an enthralling interplay of light and shadow, their intermingling subtlety and opulence drawing the observer’s gaze with an enchanting allure. Such masterful interventions engender an architectural narrative, a seamless fusion of contemporary ingenuity and timeless heritage. The audacious choice of chromatic pink glass serves as a vivacious canvas upon which the architectural poetry unfolds. This chromatic decision engenders an understated yet profound dialogue with the surrounding urban landscape, mirroring the ever-changing tonalities of the sky and cityscape. With the shifting daylight as its accomplice, the glazing assumes an ever-evolving tapestry, animating the building’s composition with a dynamic vitality.



Rugged and Raw Materiality.


At the podium level, textured concrete assumes tactile eminence, inviting interaction and tactile connection with the architecture. Rooted in a rugged and raw materiality, this tangible expression evokes a profound sense of place, embracing the spirit of critical regionalism and firmly asserting the building’s belongingness to its unique locale.

Figr Altera Process

In delightful contrast, the upper segments of the building embrace an air of refinement and grace. Smooth concrete blade columns and beams, adorned with elegant bullnose detailing, epitomize the pinnacle of craftsmanship, granting the structure an elevated and sophisticated demeanour. These graceful elements ascend as stalwart pillars of strength, weaving an evocative skyline that resonates harmoniously with both the human spirit and the surrounding cityscape.

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An unexpected colour reference



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Figr Altera Journey (6)
Maker’s Shop


Figr Altera Journey (2)
Concrete Craftsmenship


Construction Detail

In the enthralling interplay of textured and smooth concrete, the sculpted bronze elements, and the artful infusion of chromatic pink glass, this architectural proposition becomes an embodiment of the ceaseless pursuit to harmonize culture, materiality, and form.


Adi Atic, Michael Artemenko

Principle Constructions

Edge Consulting Engineers

4D Studio