FIGR Architecture Studio and Selftitled Studio have united to enhance the Icon Office Fitout by seamlessly integrating architectural design and an inclusive wayfinding strategy. This collaboration underscores their dedication to crafting spaces that inspire and elevate user experience through a cohesive and effective navigational approach. The outcome is a seamless journey for occupants, fostering connectivity and purpose within the intricacies of the Icon Office Fitout.

Figr Icon 07
Neon signage with a modern twist.

Going beyond traditional signage, Selftitled Studio introduces custom-designed elements that harmonize effortlessly with FIGR’s architectural design. The incorporation of neon lighting signage in the entry foyer space adds a contemporary and dynamic touch, embodying the modern ethos of the Icon Office Fitout.

This collaborative endeavor exemplifies the power of synergy in transforming spaces into holistic, user-centric environments.

This joint effort showcases the potent synergy between FIGR and Selftitled Studio, transforming spaces into comprehensive, user-centric environments. The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to creating not just functional but inspiring workspaces, where design and wayfinding converge seamlessly to redefine the essence of the Icon Office Fitout.